I will never love anyone as much as I love Dominos pizza.

im from the south

That’s a fuckin’ broad answer!

Last night was actually proper decent.

Cheap lager ‘n’ some lad in a Fred Perry shirt gave me free sniff.

my nose is also broken, i have rings under my eyes constantly due to scars and i always get spots. can we kiss in real life?

Come off anon, ‘n’ I’ll think about it! 

Also where are you from?

Nope, perfect height, lovely face, sick boobs, sick hair and i bet you have a sick butt okkkk

Lovely face! Bad skin, a huge broken nose ‘n’ severe dark circles hardly constitutes a lovely face!

(Also I have like literally no butt!)

I’d happily meet in real life to prove this point!

Just am, too busy looking at that pic in your about me

That’s just a good picture though; good angle, film camera, dark lighting!

I’m pretty ugly in real life; trust.

Ah fair. He's pretty racist though. P.s i really wanna fuck you ok bye

I could get past the racism!

'N' why are you anon? 


how much would you pay to shag vinnie jones

I’d sell my soul.

Nah, realistically if me ‘n’ Vinnie were to ever meet; I’d rather he fucked me ‘cause he liked me than ‘cause I paid him.

'N' his wife's beautiful 'n'  seems like a really sound person, so I wouldn't really want him to.

(Unless he was single.)

Also this is an imaginary scenario. 


Send me more ‘who would you rather’ questions!


In answer to your post, Pirlo or Razor Ruddock?

Well neither of them are what I’d consider to be attractive; but my answer would have to be a young Ruddock! 

ignore that vinny jones vs david seaman question, was meant to be a joke because i think they're both ugly but just realized it wasn't that funny ha

How can you say Vinnie is ugly! 


He was hot back then;


But he’s even hotter now.

Vinnie Jones > Every other man!

Who would you rather shag, Vinny Jones or David Seaman

Vinnie Jones is my one true love so there’s no competition there!

He’s literally perfection incarnate!

Put 2 celebrities in my ask,

based only on physical appearance, I’ll tell you who I prefer.

Please fuckin’ do this! 

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